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Meet the Customer Success team behind BridgeU


At BridgeU, we believe that our greatest success lies in the strong relationships that we have built with schools across the world. Since we began working with schools, BridgeU has expanded into 63 countries; as we’ve grown, we’ve built our Customer Success team so that we can provide in-person and remote support to everyone, students and teachers alike, using the platform.

We thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce you to those Customer Success experts, who provide hands-on implementation training and ongoing support.

   Hayley Elias, Head of Customer Success 

Hayley works in the London office, heading up the global Customer Success team. “The most important part for me is ensuring that every insight we get from our customers is captured, communicated across the team, and then back to our product developers,” she says. “This ensures we’re closely connected to our customer group, and able to adapt and learn from them quickly.”

She joined BridgeU in December 2014 as one of the earliest team members, and is deeply involved in every part of the business. Working with our “lighthouse schools”, in particular, inspires Hayley; “they help us to gain a deep understanding of how our schools operate. It’s only possible through collaborative partnerships between our team and core staff members at the school.”

   LaRoy Hoard, Head of Operations & Customer Success, APAC

LaRoy leads Customer Success for our schools in the Asia Pacific region, and heads up our Hong Kong office. “I get the pleasure of interacting with schools of varying sizes, curricula, and student profiles,” he says. Having offices in Hong Kong and London enables BridgeU to provide 24/7 support to our schools, no matter where they are.

“The value of the feedback I receive in working with such a diverse group of schools, educators, and students is incredible,” LaRoy says. “It allows BridgeU and me personally to learn and grow. Through listening to schools, we can better understand trends in international guidance and the needs of our partner schools globally.”

   Oscar Webb, Global Customer Success Manager

“It’s advisors that present students with BridgeU at the right time to help them focus on preparing for life after school. This is where the Customer Success team is key,” says Oscar Webb, who looks after Account Management and working with schools to make sure their ongoing needs are met.

“We consult with schools on their goals to make sure they are both aspirational and achievable, whether this is to increase more offers to students’ firm choice universities, or to increase efficiency in collating reference letters for student applications,” he says. “We see the best results if implementation and use of our platform is planned from start to finish, and beyond. Our team works with schools every step of the way to make sure this happens.”

   Shellie Gazdik, Sales & Implementation Manager, APAC

Shellie brings 15 years of experience in education and edtech to BridgeU, having worked at Pearsons and Naviance (Hobsons) before joining the Hong Kong office.

“I love working with schools to ensure that BridgeU isn’t just a software program, but becomes a partner in their current advising process,” she says. “By focusing on integrating BridgeU with current school programs, we can improve upon school initiatives and increase student success.”

   Kelsey Botne, Global Implementation Manager

From her base in the UK, Kelsey, who joined BridgeU from Naviance (Hobsons), oversees implementation for schools around the world, offering in-person and remote training to get schools set up on the platform in a timely and efficient way.

“Great customer support is crucial for schools for four reasons,” she says. “It sets schools up for successful adoption long term; it ensures staff and students are comfortable and confident users; it helps school staff set benchmarks to track metrics for success and ROI; and it aids school staff in embedding BridgeU into the current school (tech) ecosystem.”

   Catherine Ngahu, Account Manager

Catherine is an Account Manager for BridgeU schools across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, providing support via online chat, email, Skype, and in-person visits to schools. “I check in regularly with our clients to ensure they are engaged and seeing value from BridgeU, and work closely with schools to help them achieve the goals they’ve set for the platform and across the wider school environment,” she says.

Catherine is also responsible for representing school views back to the team at BridgeU. “This ensures we are continuously growing with our partner schools, and giving them a platform that not only breaks the mould, but also caters to their growing needs. I’m here to make sure they are well supported and valued!”

   Sanchita Kanthadai, Training & Implementation Consultant

Sanchita, who works in the Hong Kong office, helps schools across the Asia Pacific region to get their staff and students up and running on BridgeU.

“Customer support is so important to BridgeU,” she says. “Whether it’s talking to an individual student trying to navigate their future, or advisors guiding students along that journey, we help students and advisors understand how BridgeU supports them in achieving their goals.”

If you’d like to know more about how the Customer Success team members at BridgeU help our partner schools get the most out of their university and careers guidance processes, please get in touch today and we’ll happily connect you with the team.


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