Webinar: How to Unlock Students’ Success with BridgeU Using KTS Assessments

When it’s time to start researching universities, we want to help counsellors to steer students towards practical thinking.

Arguably one of the biggest decisions of their lives, choosing which universities to apply to demands a deep level of self-reflection. There's a whole host of factors to consider beyond a university's profile, including what your students are passionate about and how they learn best. 

This is where BridgeU can help, by offering the Keys To Succeed (KTS) assessment tools.

Being part of the BridgeU community gives your students access to three Keys to Succeed assessments; Multiple Intelligences, Personality Type and Learning Styles. But what is each test, how can your students use them, and what do their results mean?

Rewatch our webinar to discover how these assessments benefit your students and how you can use them to shape your school’s university guidance.

This even took place at Wednesday 27th April 2022 at 10am BST| 1pm UAE | 5pm HKT

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