Manage your university and careers guidance on one platform.

All the resources and support to ensure your counselling curriculum delivers the best possible outcomes for both your students and your school.

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Quick and easy application submission

Take the stress out of application season by doing everything from one place. Review students’ essays, collaborate with teachers on reference letters, and send documents to universities directly from BridgeU.

Post application review 

Capture the matriculations data that matters to your school, report on outcomes and prove the value of your guidance program to senior leaders. 

Destination discovery & personalised recommendations

Help your students discover new international destinations. BridgeU uses data from over 28,000 global institutions to give personalised university and course recommendations. 

Our task management tools enable you to set actionable goals for your students, helping them to stay engaged in the career planning & university application process.

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“I knew nothing and had to learn from scratch. Knowing I had this platform has made my life easier... For students, this is the best guidance counseling experience they’ve ever had..."

"It has been great to use BridgeU, very friendly and easy to log on and manage students' data in a very clear interface. Students feel no difficulty and can learn to use it in one minute."


Director of College Counseling, Keystone Academy


Assistant Director of Sixth Form, BIS Cairo

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