Support your students’ university research using BridgeU

The BridgeU platform takes students step by step through the guidance process, allowing them to take control of their university research and find their best-fit institutions and courses.


“The arena of university guidance has changed very rapidly. We know how students operate, but now we can also use BridgeU to inform that, and help them make better choices. It’s intuitive for this generation of students.”

Gavin Fuller: College & Careers Counsellor, Utahloy International School Zeng Cheng

Use BridgeU to help your students...


Find their best-fit universities and courses

Using their target grades, subject interests and personal preferences, the BridgeU Matcher finds students’ best-fit institutions and courses worldwide, and groups them into “reach”, “match” and “safety” options.


Research over 28,000 global destinations

Students can learn more about each university without leaving the BridgeU platform, with key statistics, videos, and social media links. They can also take notes to share with their teachers and counsellors.


Receive up-to-date, impartial information

Students will be able to access tailored articles and information to help them through their guidance journey. We also hold regular events where students can hear from admissions reps first hand.


Submit stronger, more focussed applications

Once students know where they want to apply, they can use BridgeU’s strategy and essay-writing tools to collaborate with their advisors and write the best applications possible.

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