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Clearing and Adjustment are two unique and valuable opportunities for students who are applying to university in the UK. Clearing allows students to apply to courses after they have received their final school grades, if they haven’t received an offer from a UK university, or if they simply chose not to take up an earlier offer. 

We’ve reached out to a few UK universities and asked them to share their resources, hints and tips for international students who are navigating Clearing and Adjustment this year. 


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Clearing & Adjustment Explained

What is Clearing? 

Put simply, Clearing is designed to match students with places on UK universities’ courses that haven’t been filled yet. Clearing is run through UCAS, the UK’s university application system. 

UCAS considers a UK university applicant eligible for Clearing if they meet any of the following criteria: 

  • A student applied after the 30th June. 
  • A student is not currently holding any offer from a UK university or college. 
  • A student doesn’t have a confirmed place at a UK university after their exam results are published.

What is Adjustment? 

If a student has met and/or exceeded their UK university offer requirements, Adjustment gives students the opportunity to look for an alternative course. UCAS runs Adjustment until the 1st September. 

Adjustment is completely optional and it's worth noting that, if a student doesn't find a new course, they will still keep the one they originally got accepted to on exam results day. 

Unlike Clearing, Adjustment vacancies aren't advertised openly, so students will need to call admissions offices for particular universities and enquire about course vacancies directly. 

For a more in-depth guide to Clearing & Adjustment, and to hear advice from universities on how students can get the most out of it, read our New Counselor's Guide to Clearing & Adjustment

Watch the recording of our Clearing & Adjustment event

During our UK Universities Clearing Event, leading UK universities shared the clearing spaces they have available for 2020 graduating students. 

University of Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the fastest growing economies in the UK, and has more museums and galleries than any city outside of London. The university's clearing page has a number of resources to help students explore the campus & the city.  

For international students, the University's International Vacancy Service is now open, where students can research vacant courses. For information on student finance at Liverpool, it's worth also checking out the university's scholarship page.


Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary has a really valuable all-in-one Clearing page for international students, allowing students to learn more about studying in London. Students who have additional questions about Clearing can attend a series of virtual events between now and September. 

Queen Mary also has country-specific admissions information for students, encompassing over 162 countries. It's also worth checking out the university's explainer page for students with questions about English language requirements


SOAS, University of London

Students can use the Clearing page on the SOAS website to easily learn more about available course vacancies, accommodation and scholarships. The university also has a dedicated page with step-by-step instructions for students applying through Clearing. 

For any students who want to know what it's like to apply to SOAS for Clearing, the university's blog has some great testimonials & stories from previous undergraduates who successfully found their course through the process. 


University of Portsmouth

Portsmouth's Clearing page not only has a great step-by-step guide on how to apply, but they've also assembled a useful explainer for why Portsmouth is such a great student city. For students who may apply through Adjustment, there's also a useful guide for how it works at Portsmouth University. 

For students worried about how COVID-19 may affect campus life, Portsmouth also has a really handy information page. And finally, applicants can read current students' stories of how they applied to Portsmouth through Clearing. 


University of York

Whether it's a strategy for getting through results day or advice for parents, the University of York's Clearing resources have everything a potential applicant might need. The Clearing page also enables students to explore accommodation options

Student can also search vacancies and sign up for any Clearing updates through University of York's website. For students who are applying in September 2020, the university has also laid out plans for the start of term


University of Plymouth

For students interested in Plymouth, the university has compiled a list of the frequently asked questions that applicants ask about Clearing. They've also compiled the most common FAQs concerning COVID-19 contingency measures

Students can also easily search course vacancies and learn more about student accommodation. It's also worth reading some of the stories from previous students who applied to Plymouth through Clearing. 


University of Exeter

As well as a central homepage about Clearing & Adjustment at Exeter, there's also a dedicated page where international students can search Clearing vacancies. To help those students who do find themselves researching Exeter, the 'Why Exeter' page showcases virtual tours, student testimonials and key employment stats

Exeter's current undergraduates also share their top tips for students who are applying through Clearing in 2020. There's also a valuable resource page for counselors and teachers guiding their students through the process. 


Arts University Bournemouth

A leading institution for the creative industries, Arts University Bournemouth's clearing vacancies open on the 13th August. Their international student page also has some useful resources about how the university is dealing with COVID-19. They've also compiled any & all information about visas for international students

For students who want to learn more about studying at an arts institution near the English coast, it's worth reading AUB's guide to Bournemouth


University of Essex

The University of Essex homepage puts all the Clearing resources students could need in one place and students are free to apply now through the university's web form. Students with queries can check out the university's FAQs page.

The university is also running a virtual Open Week between the 10th and 17th August, allowing students to get a taste of Essex's three campuses, its academic offering and its international student culture. 


Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett's Clearing resource hub gives students an in-depth overview of studying at Leeds Beckett and living in the city of Leeds itself. Their student case studies include some great insights on what it's like to go through Clearing at Leeds Beckett. 

Applicants can access information about  fees and scholarships, as they relate to Clearing. There's also resources for parents who may have questions about Clearing, and to help them support their son/daughter through the process. 


Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent has a wealth of clearing resources for students, parents and counselors alike. The university makes it easy to easily register for any Clearing updates. 

It’s also easy to search current Clearing vacancies directly through Nottingham Trent’s website. There’s also a ready-made form for any students who are ready to apply through Clearing. They’ve also got a page for Clearing applicants to easily apply for accommodation


Brunel University

Based in West London, Brunel University has a really helpful call back feature for students who don’t yet have their results, but who wish to enquire about a Clearing course. Students who do have their results can, of course, apply through Brunel’s website

If students have concerns about fees and funding, Brunel have put together a really handy resource page. The university also guarantees accommodation for students who have accepted a place through Clearing.


Coventry University

The University of Coventry actually has three campuses spread out across the country, and students are welcome to take a virtual tour of the Coventry campus.  The Clearing homepage lets students easily browse their Clearing vacanciesAny students worried about how COVID-19 will impact study plans in September, their resource page explains everything. 

Coventry is also offering 10 platinum scholarships exclusive to BridgeU students throughout Clearing, including fully funded and catered accommodation and much more. Students  should contact Ryan Bennett Barlow at Coventry University via phone or email & must confirm their intention to enrol before the 31st August. 


University of the West of England Bristol

The Clearing page for UWE Bristol is a really useful resource for students who want to get in touch with UWE’s Clearing hotline. 

As well as useful insights from existing students who have been through Clearing, the university has also put together a really useful deep dive into how Clearing works on exam results day. It’s also worth checking UWE’s Clearing accommodation page for students who do plan to enrol in September. 


London Metropolitan University

London Met has put together a range of really helpful resources around Clearing & general entry requirements. It’s worth reading the range of student stories that encompass the different scenarios for using Clearing & Adjustment. 

They’ve also compiled useful dates and deadlines for Clearing, as well as resources around financial aid and securing accommodation


University of Nottingham

Nottingham has a clearing page dedicated to international students. Students can fill in an enquiry form through which students can fill in their details and upload their transcripts. 

The university also has a dedicated page for Clearing applicants to apply for accommodation at Nottingham. It’s worth checking out their student welcome page, as it has a dedicated section for international applicants. Students can also register for the university’s International Welcome programme.