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BridgeU partners with ManageBac


We’re delighted to announce that BridgeU has partnered with ManageBac, the world’s leading learning platform for international schools, to provide even better access to smart university and careers guidance for schools and students. The partnership between ManageBac and BridgeU will make it easier than ever for IB schools and students to approach the complex challenge of preparing for and managing the university preparation process.

Today’s higher education landscape offers international students an array of university destinations, course choices, application systems, and best practices for early career development. The global labour market is also shifting quickly, resulting in a skills gap that predicts a deficit of 40 million graduates by 2020. Our platform empowers schools to navigate this changing landscape, using big data and a suite of streamlined management tools to manage the complex process of planning, preparing and submitting university applications.

ManageBac is the world’s leading Curriculum First learning platform, serving over 2,300 international schools worldwide, and 4 in 5 IB Diploma students, who comprised ~12% of all inbound international students attending university in the US, UK, Australia and Canada in 2016.

The partnership between BridgeU and ManageBac will enhance access to university and careers guidance for students, allowing them to explore, discover, and manage their post-secondary school careers. The comprehensive technical integration will include:

  • Single sign-on
  • Streamlined account provisioning
  • Information sync
  • A superior on-boarding experience for IB schools and students.

BridgeU was purpose-built for international schools, and partnering with ManageBac allows us to build on this dedication to the benefits of international education. We support student applications to the six most popular destinations for higher education: US, UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and the Netherlands. The partnership will create a seamless experience for international schools, allowing them to concentrate on the most important work ahead: educating students and preparing them for the next stage of their journeys. 

This partnership reflects our ongoing commitment to supporting students and schools through every step of the university and careers preparation process. BridgeU also partners with iSAMS, a management information system for British curriculum schools; through that partnership, schools can benefit from quick onboarding onto the BridgeU platform, up-to-date, real-time data-syncing, and a dynamic user experience for both schools. Our other partners include Burning Glass Technologies, powering our modern, adaptive careers planner, and Parchment, which enables the electronic sending and receiving of application-related documentation to 3,700+ colleges and universities across Canada and the US. 

Learn more about how ManageBac helps international schools here.


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