Product Update: Tracking Students' Application Outcomes

We've made it easier for advisors to track students' application outcomes as and when they're updated. 

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We’re always striving to help our schools build a more data-driven approach to university guidance. 

As the 2019/20 school year comes to an end, students will be making final enrollment decisions and finalising their university plans for September. 

In a year when the university admissions process in schools across the world has had to adapt to unprecedented change, capturing data on students’ matriculations has arguably never been more important. 

Our latest update to the BridgeU platform simplifies students’ ability to input their final university decisions into BridgeU. This will, in turn, give advisors best visibility over student’s university outcomes and make it easier to measure the impact of their university and careers guidance. 

Read on for a more in-depth overview of how our new updates to BridgeU will help you to get a better oversight of your students’ matriculations. 

Building a more data-driven curriculum 

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Step 1: Students input their application outcomes into BridgeU

Students can choose from their most relevant application outcomes

Students will now be able to choose from  application outcomes relevant to the country/university system they are applying to. 

For example, a student who has applied to the Netherlands will see a range of outcomes that are relevant to a Dutch university. This student who has applied to study History at Groningen can now choose between ‘Accepted’ and ‘Unsuccessful’, as well as a drop down menu of  additional options.

image of UK university student application outcome in BridgeU

As a second example, a student who has submitted an application to the UK would see options for ‘Conditional’ and ‘Unconditional’ offers, as these are the two main ways in which UK universities offer places to their applicants. 

 A student applying to the UK will now also be asked if this university is their ‘Firm’ choice, their ‘Insurance’ choice, or if they have chosen to decline the university’s offer altogether. Again, this aligns with how UK universities ask students to make their final application decisions. 

Student can skip steps when inputting their application outcomes

Previously, students would have to input information at every step of the application & matriculation process. With the new dashboard, students can skip a step in their matriculation checklist. 

For example, if a student has sent their application to Lingnan University in Hong Kong, and wishes to simply notify their advisor that they’re attending, they can click on this option and the earlier steps in the process will be automatically populated. 

student application outcomes steps

Step 2: Advisers can review & update students' application outcomes

Advisors can easily review students’ application outcomes and matriculation information in their dashboard. There are two ways of doing this. 

Reviewing application outcomes by student

The first method of quickly reviewing a student’s current matriculation status is to use the click on the ‘Students’ tab in the main menu of BridgeU. 

By clicking on the relevant student, an advisor can quickly open his/her student overview. 

Upon opening a student’s dashboard, advisors can review a students’ application outcomes and matriculation information by clicking on the ‘Applications’ tab. 

This tab gives advisors an instant overview of the universities that a student has chosen to apply to, and whether they have chosen to attend or not.

If, for any reason, a student hasn’t entered their application & matriculation outcomes into BridgeU, an advisor can also go into the student’s profile and edit any relevant information.

picture of the edit student outcomes feature in BridgeU

This will ensure that, when it comes time to report on student outcomes at the end of an academic year, a school counselor or advisor can ensure that all students’ application data is up to date.

Reviewing application outcomes by university

Advisors can also track and review students’ matriculations by university. Simply click on the ‘Universities’ overview, filter by graduation year (in this case 2020) and search for a relevant university in the search bar. In this case, let’s assume that we’re looking for Kings’ College London.

university overview

An advisor can then open the dashboard for this university. Again, clicking on the tab titled ‘Applications’ will give an advisor an instant overview of which students are applying to or attending any given institution.

university overview showing students' application outcomes

If your school is currently using BridgeU and you’d like any more help or support with capturing and tracking matriculations data, please don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager, or get in touch using the online chat feature in the platform! 

We’re also keen to hear your students’ feedback - please forward that to your Customer Success Manager by email and we’ll send it straight to our product team.

If you’re not currently a BridgeU user, but would like to know more about how our platform can help you manage the university application process, then book a demo with us below. 

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