Top Universities in Asia: Smarter Research With BridgeU

Top universities in Asia are increasingly highly ranked, but researching and narrowing down so many excellent options can be tricky. That’s where BridgeU comes in!

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Many students have begun turning their attention to top universities in Asia. The region has been going from strength to strength in the field of higher education, and universities in Asia now consistently top university league tables.

Plus, many of them rank highly for employability, and the continent boasts some of the best student cities in the world. It’s no surprise your students are intrigued...

But researching universities across national borders requires a lot of time and effort. And that’s before you consider the different deadlines and document requirements.

This is particularly the case in Asia, where standardised systems and centralised platforms are rare. Each institution - never mind each country - sets its own requirements and procedures. Finding and tracking them all is no mean feat!

That’s why having a platform like BridgeU is so important. It's the most powerful tool to support students seeking their top university matches in Asia. And since we've just added South Korea to our list of supported destinations, it’s the perfect time to share how it works!

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Finding the top universities in Asia with BridgeU

Having a logical and thought-out game plan is critical. It helps avoid Asian university research becoming so daunting that students don’t know where to start. Perhaps even more importantly, it ensures the university shortlists students create are perfectly suited to them.

And given the huge variety between Asian countries, institutions and degree programmes - as well as their competitive entry requirements - finding students' best matches is particularly important.

So here’s our step-by-step guide to selecting each student’s top Asian universities.

Step 1: Student self-assessment

This first step is often missed in students' excitement to find their top universities in Asia. But it's incredibly important. We're talking, of course, about understanding themselves. It’s vital that students take a step back to assess their abilities, ambitions and interests.

Fittingly, that’s exactly where their research journey with the free BridgeU platform begins! To get started, they’ll work through some high-level considerations and personal preferences. 

We do this through the Profile Builder. It takes students through questions on crucial topics like:

  • Which countries would/wouldn’t they consider studying in?
  • What grades have they and will they realistically achieve?
  • What subject areas are they interested in pursuing?
  • Would they prefer a campus or city university?
  • What size student and international student populations would they prefer?

These are manageable multiple-choice questions. So students can answer within seconds and quickly build up a meaningful profile.

Screenshot of the BridgeU platform assessing students' personal preferences to find their top Asian universities

A key part of this profile is, unsurprisingly, students’ grades. Taking these into account and making realistic projections is crucial, particularly when applying to Asian universities.

Step 2: Explore the top universities in Asia

Once students have thought about what they really want from their experience of university in Asia - as well as where they’re likely to be accepted with their grades - they can begin finding their best-fit institutions.

Here again, BridgeU saves students a great deal of time and effort.

Once they’ve completed their profiles, students are immediately presented with their university matches. No trawling through search engine results and university websites!

This is a particularly valuable tool for researching specifically Asian universities. Because it’s a less traditional region for international students, many of your students may initially only be considering a handful of institutions or a couple of countries.

With our platform, they’ll be presented with the options that best suit them, all over the continent! That means they could find a perfect match they'd never have heard of without BridgeU.

Note: If you want to find out more about Asia’s higher education sector, check out our Ultimate Guide to Studying in Asia!

BridgeU compiles the information from students’ profiles to find the universities and programmes that meet each student’s preferences.

Using the academic grades they’ve entered, it sorts their top matches into ‘Reach’, ‘Match’ and ‘Safety’ options. That way, students can spread their applications ambitiously and realistically. Again, with top Asian universities having stringent entry requirements, this is an absolutely vital tactic to maximise students' chances of enrolling on a great degree for them.

Screenshot of BridgeU platform matching students with degrees

Students can also explore beyond their matches. This could be a handy route if they want to see all their options in a particular country, for example, or compare subject offerings across universities. Asian countries do have lots of specialist institutions, particularly in STEM fields. Being able to compare these efficiently will make a world of difference to students’ university research!

If they go to the ‘Explore’ tab, they’ll be able to search programmes by either country or subject. They’ll get results from over 28,000 global universities across every country, but the most detailed results for Asian universities will be in:

  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • South Korea

Students also get exclusive access to their very own destination guides featuring everything to get them started (including information on visas, tuition fees, academic culture and more!).

screenshot of BridgeU explore

Step 3: Shortlist the top universities in Asia for them

Now that students have a selection of the top universities in Asia, it’s time to start whittling down their options.

When students see their Reach, Match and Safety courses, they can take a closer look at exactly where and how each option meets their needs, alongside their broad chances of acceptance.

That makes it easy for them to decide which courses they could envision themselves on, and which might not be such a good option.

And with the huge variety of Asian universities, and their famously high expectations of academic excellence, meaningful and well-informed comparisons will be critical.

Acting on these decisions is quick and easy. As students view each option, they can click to ‘Add course to Shortlist’ or ‘Discard Match’.

Essentially, with a few clicks they create a thoughtful and tailor-made shortlist of their top universities in Asia!

Step 4: Create an application plan

Now that students have their very own, personalised shortlist of the top universities in Asia, it’s time to make some big choices. Where will they actually apply?

Students can review their Shortlist within BridgeU to compare their selected courses, pick their favourites and add them to their Application List.

This list will display each university they’re applying to and the deadline they’re aiming for. Students can also add notes to keep on top of important information (like guidance for personal essays, for example).

Remember, Asian universities have deadlines throughout the year and different required documents, so having an easy, effective way to keep track of them is key!

screenshot of BridgeU's applications list

They can also request recommendations from within the platform, monitor when they’re completed, or send follow-up emails if deadlines are approaching. The whole process becomes much easier and more effective. No more manually tracking different dates and documents!

One free platform to ensure students find their top universities in Asia

Finding the top universities in Asia for each student without the right tools requires serious dedication. It’s an endeavour that might be abandoned as students tackle looming exams and weighty homework loads.

But with one free platform, you can make the whole process simple, easy and (dare we say it?) enjoyable! In BridgeU, students are guided from self-assessment through to a tailor-made shortlist of universities.

Deadlines and document requirements are kept organised and in one place, where both you and they can track them.

And now that we have South Korea added to our intelligent matching system, students truly have the world leaders in Asian higher education to choose from.

Make sure you create a free BridgeU account for your school so that your students send the strongest possible applications to the very top universities in Asia! Click here to get started today.

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