Stop Everything: BridgeU Is Free!

In one of our most exciting developments to date, we’re delighted to announce that the full BridgeU platform will now be available completely free of charge!

Since BridgeU’s launch in 2014, we’ve helped hundreds of schools guide thousands of students through the final years of school and on their first all-important steps towards higher education.

Over the years, we have always worked towards a clear mission: to ensure opportunity is as equally spread around the globe as student potential is. National borders, lack of information, school location or budget: these are all obstacles which shouldn’t come between a student and their perfect path.

That’s why our latest announcement is one of the most momentous and meaningful to date.

We’re truly thrilled to be able to offer the complete BridgeU platform, completely free - for all and forever!

Wherever they live, whichever school they attend, students the world over will be empowered with the information and support BridgeU provides to help them find their international university matches, and create the strongest possible applications.

Meanwhile, counsellors and teachers around the globe will be alleviated of heavy workloads and chaotic calendars. BridgeU streamlines every step of the university research and application processes, making it easy to oversee and complete tasks like document-sending and reference-writing.

Provided schools send students to universities abroad, they’re eligible to get BridgeU for free. That’s it - no catches, conditions or costs!

Get BridgeU Free

Get all of our world-class features to supercharge your strategy today - signing up is free and easy!

How we managed to go free for all

Often, people assume that if it sounds too good to be true, it must be. And we know that getting the full BridgeU platform without spending a penny or sacrificing on features might sound incredible - in more ways than one.

So we think it’s a good idea to explain how we can provide our product free of charge, without any catches.

While we will be offering our core platform free of charge, as part of our new model we are also introducing a range of additional paid services for schools (more detail on these coming soon).

Secondly, we are partnering with a growing number of universities that highly value their involvement in the BridgeU community.

Combined, these two sources of revenue have made our dream a reality, allowing us the chance to guide every student towards their brightest, happiest future.

As unlimited as students’ potential

And that’s not all. Remember, our free offering includes all of BridgeU’s core features. That means:

  • Assigning, tracking and reviewing student tasks
  • Information and personalised matching on over 28,000 universities around the world
  • Application-building tools that help students write strong essays, and make it easy for counsellors and teachers to provide feedback
  • Submission sending and tracking
  • Insights and reporting on student outcomes

We also won’t place limits on which members of your school community can use BridgeU, or how many. Each faculty member and student gets their very own BridgeU account with all our features.

Plus, by registering you’ll get access to exclusive events and join our supportive online community!

BridgeU freemium free plan infographic

Supercharge your BridgeU experience

For counsellors who want to become BridgeU pros, there will also be paid services available to purchase.

We will be launching these services later this year, and they will range from professional development events for counsellors to advanced reporting and insights, group services and much more.

Watch this space for more information! And in the meantime, you can chat with our friendly sales team and start getting to grips with the BridgeU platform.

Get BridgeU free today

There’s no limits and no costs, so what are you waiting for? Try out BridgeU for free to see just how much it could do for your school and your students!

To get started, just click here.

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