Free eBook: Helping Students Find Their University Match

How to guide your students through the process of building the perfect shortlist


Guide your students through the university research process

Choosing a subject

How to make sure your students’ course choices align with their strengths and skills, learning preferences, and career considerations.

Choosing a country

How university systems vary across different international destinations, and the criteria your students should consider when researching these. 

Choosing a university

How students can start their research into potential institutions, and know which options will be a good fit for them – both academically and personally.


Tips for counsellors & teachers

In this eBook we share our best practices for guiding your students through every step of the university research process. Our step-by-step framework helps students make a linear journey from strengths exploration to subject/destination research, and finally application!


Filled with activities and actionable strategies

The eBook is brimming with actionable advice, top tips and in-class activities that you can use right now to build your guidance curriculum and achieve the best results for your students and your school.

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Help your students narrow down their university options and build a shortlist that works for them