University Application Essay Templates

Application season is upon us! For a lot of students around the world, that means it’s time to polish off and send those essays and motivation letters.

Help your students finalise their personal statement and application essays in no time with these easy-to-use worksheets.


What's included?

  • Personal Statement Template: Help students applying to courses in the UK plan a personal statement that’s sure to set them apart from the crowd, all within the 4000 character limit. 
  • Common App Essay Template: Got students aiming for the USA and beyond? Help them ace those applications by identifying the right skills and experiences with this essay plan. 

Why you need these application essay templates:

Whilst it’s often a challenge to squeeze a lifetime's worth of achievements into a strict wordcount for any student, it can be even tougher for students applying through centralised application portals (like UCAS or Common App).

Why? Because students only write one essay for several university applications. This might look like less work at first, but it’s far from it. If anything, it can seriously up the ante: afterall, the fate of every one of a students’ applications could well rest in the hands of their essay.

Help your students plan their way to perfection with these free worksheets, designed to get your whole class writing worthy applications in no time!


Plan the perfect personal statement & ace that application essay

Young students unsure where to start? Final years leaving it to the last minute? Help students plan, polish, and perfect their applications today.

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