The New Counsellor's Survival Guide: Updated for 2021-2022

The Essential Toolkit for Creating a Guidance Strategy that Engages Students and Delivers Demonstrable Results


A step-by-step walkthrough of counselling best practices

Building your strategy

Understand what makes your school and students unique and design the perfect strategy.

Managing relationships

Tune into the perspectives of students, parents and school leaders to build trust.

Delivering your curriculum

Help students tie their interests and abilities to career paths and begin university research.

Working with stakeholders

Understand how independent consultants and university reps fit into your guidance strategy.

Writing applications

Help students write compelling application essays, and produce impactful references to match.

Data & reporting

Know which data counts (and which doesn’t) so that you can deliver insightful reports.


Part 1: Designing Your Programme

Do you know what makes a school 'international'? Or which category of school counsellor role you're in?

To get started, we'll establish this key context so you can design a tailored strategy, keeping in mind students, parents and key stakeholders in your school.

Next, we think about the data you should be collecting, and how it can track and demonstrate your strategy's positive impacts.

Finally, we run through a structured year of counselling for different year groups, to ensure the data you gather reflects a well-designed and thorough strategy!


Part 2: Implementing Your Strategy

The second part of the Guide is packed with advice to put your strategy into action so that your students find the perfect university courses for them and send even stronger applications.

You'll see acceptance and enrollment rates soar as you learn how to:

  • Engage your students early with career exploration
  • Guide students through international university research
  • Help students write powerful application essays and personal statements
  • Write and collate letters of recommendation and references 

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