Free Resource: Guidance Kickstarter Bundle

One pack of essential classroom tools to get students engaged and excited about university guidance


What students will learn

This bundle contains interactive classroom tools that introduce students to university guidance. The resources cover all the essentials from broad career exploration, through to specific university research. 

With these tools, they'll assess their interests, ambitions and aptitudes and see how these match up to different careers, and then explore the universities and programmes that lead to those careers. 


What's inside...

Career Exploration Lesson Plans: Six free lesson plans to help students think about their strengths and interests, and how they link to career pathways.

University Research Worksheets: Four worksheets that guide students from identifying their key criteria, to exploring different countries and institutions, to building a balanced shortlist.

Summer Activities Journal: Six activities to help your students think critically about their skills and experiences, and develop new talents.

University Visits Workbook: Structure students’ university research and ensure they have open conversations when university reps visit your school, or when they attend open days.

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