How Will COVID-19 Really Impact International Students' Enrolments in 2020 & 2021?

An In-Depth Analysis of What is Affecting Students' Decisions in 2020 & What the Future Holds for 2021


What you'll learn

How COVID-19 has affected students’ decision making (and, notably, where it hasn’t)

How students’ destination preferences have changed, and which countries have lost out

An overview of students’ and counselors’ biggest concerns about university admissions

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About this report

This report uses data from surveying over 850 international students across 83 countries, along with a small sample of counselors. It gives an insight into how COVID-19 impacted graduating students' decisions in 2020, and the key factors that influenced these decisions.

We also look forward to 2021, using additional survey responses as well as data from the BridgeU platform to predict how COVID-19 may influence students' application plans in the coming year, and the destinations which may be most affected.


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Learn how COVID-19 has really impacted international student enrolments in 2020 & 2021