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How to Master & Manage International University Applications

We know how hard the international application process can be. To help you get through application season, our guide takes you through every step of making international university applications - from planning and preparation to document submission.


The New Counselor's Survival Guide (Parts 1 and 2)

Our popular two-part series is a must-have for anyone who is new to counseling (or just needs a refresher!) The comprehensive eBook takes you step by step through the stages of designing and implementing your guidance strategy.


BridgeU Ultimate Country Guides: UK and USA

Learn everything you need to know about helping your students apply to the two most popular countries. Each eBook contains information on the various university and course options available in the country, and how to help your students apply.


Life After the IB: Insights on University Applications for the Class of 2019

Want to know where IB students choose to study, and which factors affect their success rates? Our report, written in partnership with ManageBac, provides an in-depth analysis of IB student applications in 2019.


How to Manage UCAS References in Your School [With Examples]

If you're tasked with the tricky job of managing UCAS references in your school, this eBook explains how to help teachers write subject reports, and how you can compile these reports into one coherent and compelling document.


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Get everything you need to support your international university and careers guidance programme