Product Update: School Notes

As we continue our drive to help our partner schools further streamline their guidance processes, we’ve been developing a few ways for counsellors to record and share vital information on students’ academic performance.

With this mind, we’re pleased to announce the addition of School Notes, which will enable your counsellors and school guidance teams to more effectively keep vital and supporting information about your students in one place.

The addition of School Notes to existing BridgeU platform will also allow for better communication between counsellors, students or parents. The specific benefits include:

Better record keeping – teachers and guidance counsellors can now document any important meetings and/or discussions with students which may arise during the at any stage during a school’s guidance process, from early years right up to final university application.

Protecting sensitive information – we’ve designed School Notes so that any sensitive  information that your members of staff may wish to record can be kept private if necessary. Either create a public note, or activate the ‘Private’ setting to make that note only visible to you.

Improving lines of communication – notes can be shared easily via email with parents, students or other staff members in your school. This ensures everyone involved in a student’s application has access to the most up-to-date, relevant information.

Where can I find the School Notes feature?

Notes can be found as a new tab in any student’s individual profile, sitting alongside the existing Profile summary tab. You’ll see that each note is categorised with a date, title/content and author.

You’ll notice that it’s possible to see the content of any existing notes (assuming the author has chosen to make the note public). This helps to provide a quick overview of any relevant information on a student, whether it’s related. 

How do I create a new Note? 

In the top right hand corner of the Notes dashboard, you’ll see a button saying “Add Note”. Click on it, and a new window will appear, allowing you to start composing a new note.

You can then start writing your note. This is also the point at which the author of the note can choose whether to make the contents of the note public or private. Making a note private means it is only visible to the original author – no one else can see/access a private note.

How can I share Notes?

Sharing relevant notes with people outside of BridgeU is very straightforward. By clicking on the envelope icon which appears on the main Notes dashboard, you can quickly open another window. This allows you to quickly and easy email relevant notes to teachers, students or parents.

BridgeU quickly imports the contents of a note into an email, meaning that you don’t have to compose a message from scratch. 

If you want to know more about the School Notes feature, or have any questions on we’ve covered here, then contact the BridgeU Customer Support team by emailing

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