Product Update: how your students can match with German university destinations

We’re pleased to announce that BridgeU now allows your students to explore recommendations of German university destinations in the latest update to our University Matching tool. Specifically, this update allows students to apply for English language destinations at German universities. 

With this latest addition to our matching tool, your school’s guidance team will be able advise students on applications to a wider range of university destinations. 

What does this update mean for your students? 

We’ve now added Germany to the “Basic Information” section of the student profile, meaning that any students using BridgeU to research universities and courses can now be matched with a range of tailored German destinations.

Rather than having to scroll through an endless list of potential German university courses to arrive at their shortlist, your students will now be able to match with courses based on the personal preferences which BridgeU asks them to enter.

For example, students can now be more quickly and accurately matched with German destinations based on their preferred class size, or campus type.

Here’s how your students can find and match with German universities in two easy steps.

Step One: Select ‘Germany’ in the Basic Information section

To begin, students should click on the Basic Information section of their Profile Builder. The first question students are asked is “which of these countries would you consider studying in?” You will see that students can now select Germany as a destination to be matched with.

Having selected their chosen country, students can then go about building their profile, including education information, subject interests and personal university preferences. Once your students have entered this information, they are now ready to be matched with German university destinations.

Step Two: Get matched with a range of university destinations 

Having entered the relevant information in their Profile Builder, your student will now be able to see their university matches based on their preferences. Here we see the university match options for a student wishing to take a Language/Linguistics related course in Germany.

You can see that a student will now have their Reach, Match and Safety Options displayed for universities in Germany, along with your student’s Preference Fit for each destination.

Note: BridgeU currently groups students’ university matches into Reach, Match and Safety based on a combination of their grades, and the ranking of German universities compared to other universities around the world.

The final step for your students is adding their chosen options to their shortlist, before deciding which universities and courses they would like to apply to.

If you have any further questions about any aspect of researching and matching with German destinations, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at

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