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We all know that knowledge is power, but these days, it’s not about knowing everything: personalisation is king. Plus, we’re always hearing about working smarter rather than longer or harder.

And when it comes to university research, simply telling students about their options isn’t enough. It’s crucial to teach them how to choose between those options.

And what better way to ensure your students are receiving the right information - and the right tools - than with personalised content feeds? Amongst all of BridgeU’s powerful features, this is probably one of the most celebrated by students (for good reason!). But it also saves counsellors a lot of work, all while multiplying their impact.

Once your students have an account, whenever they log in they'll be greeted with a personalised newsfeed of everything from university-led events and webinars to the latest news and application tips from the universities they're interested in.

Essentially, students get easy access to up-to-date, exclusive resources on the topics, countries and degree areas that most matter to them, without you doing in-depth research into every study destination, subject family or application procedure.

And remember, you can get the entire platform for your entire school for free, forever!

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BridgeU Events

Here at BridgeU, we appreciate the value of live interaction and hearing things straight from the horse’s mouth. That’s why we host regular themed events in which current students and university staff talk about everything from admissions to accommodation, specific modules to career pathways.

This spring, our BridgeU Subject Weeks focus on a specific degree subject per week, allowing students deep exploration of the areas they’re curious about.

As part of these Subject Weeks, we have two different event types.

All About events are subject showcases in which university faculty join us to discuss how the subject is taught and assessed at their institutions, as well as what admissions officers are looking for in applicants.

There are also the ever-popular Ask a Student events. In these, BridgeU students get a live Q&A with current international undergraduates so that they can find out the real-life experience of studying a particular subject. They can also learn about living and studying in a certain country, being an international student, finding accommodation or funding, or anything else they’d like to know!

“I can’t tell you how much we have enjoyed working with BridgeU so far. It has been fantastic – high-quality resources, lots of ongoing support for teachers, as well as career showcases etc.”

Jacqui Burns: Head of Sixth Form, InterHigh School

As well as these themed weeks, we host regional fairs and showcases. These are an invaluable opportunity for students to learn all about destinations they’re considering for higher education.

With so many different practical and academic considerations at play when deciding where to study, it’s no wonder these events are so appreciated by students on the platform!

BridgeU News

Alongside live events, students get plenty of original content in their newsfeed, taking on all sorts of forms and topics. This content is carefully tailored for each student, depending on where they are in their university research and application journey.

If they’re still weighing up their options, for instance, they’ll see articles that help them logically and meaningfully compare courses and countries.

If they’ve started working on their applications, we’ll make sure they have how-to guides for writing personal statements and essays and advice on acing interviews. As they progress, they’ll also get information about applying for visas, securing accommodation and so on.

“It’s clear that this is a powerful source of information. These links, videos… they’re bringing things together in one place that students aren’t going to look for. It synthesizes everything.” 

Simon Finnigan: University Guidance Counsellor, British International School in Ho Chi Minh City

That way, students feel supported throughout the process and have all the information they need - even information they might not have thought to seek out - at their fingertips. And all without you needing an encyclopedic knowledge of international higher education.

For example, there are the Decision Diaries, in which recent and current undergraduates recount how they made difficult choices throughout their university research journey. In these articles, students get plenty of sage advice, comic relief and reassurance about what it’s really like to apply to and attend university abroad.

Or for budget-savvy students, there are lots of resources all about funding and finances. They can even get exclusive access to scholarship opportunities.

We know international scholarships are notoriously tricky to find (and receive!), and that they could be what allows a student to go to their first choice university if finances were an obstacle, so this is a really crucial aspect!

TOP TIP: The more your students build and personalise their profile, the more personalised and relevant their newsfeed will be!


As students build their profiles and fill in their preferences, they start receiving university recommendations based on our data-driven matching tool which connects students with their best-fit degree options.

In the platform, they'll get lots of university-specific information on everything from classes to careers, applications to accommodation, as well as all-important budgeting and funding advice.

With these resources, students will be much better placed to make really informed, tailored decisions on where they’d like to apply. They’ll be able to build a bespoke shortlist taking into account all of the factors that matter the most to them and align with their aptitudes and ambitions.

Which brings us to…


Finally, when students have made their decisions about where they want to apply, they should be sure to enter their shortlist in BridgeU (it’s quick and easy!).

That way, their newsfeed will reflect their final choices and provide them with the latest application information, insider tips, and enrollment help, to make sure students send the strongest possible applications and hit the criteria that particular institutions look for.

Designed to help your students at every stage of their journey, their BridgeU newsfeed also helps them choose between offers once they’ve sent their applications. From course and career comparisons all the way through to exclusive scholarship opportunities, it arms your students with the knowledge they need to enrol on the degree of their dreams.

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A structured, supported and personalised journey

BridgeU’s individualised content feeds are the perfect way to put your students in the driver’s seat of their own research and application journeys. It gives them the tools and resources they need to build shortlists and create stand-out applications to their top-choice universities.

With every content type and at every stage, students can save everything they find particularly helpful or interesting.

And they'll have plenty of material if they want to do additional research or in-depth investigation into, for example, particular geographical or academic areas! There’s extra content throughout the platform, like our Country and Subject Guides, written specifically for international students.

So to give students the most powerful, effective and enjoyable application journey, be sure you create your free BridgeU account today. They’ll thank you for it, and you’ll see application, acceptance and enrollment rates soar!

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