Product Update: A New Student Overview for Advisers

Quickly access all the essential information about your students, speed up your workflow & easily prepare for meetings. 

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2019 saw BridgeU host two user conferences in Hong Kong and London. Both these conferences were a great opportunity to talk to our community of counselors and advisers and gain valuable feedback on how both staff and students engage with our platform. 

This feedback has informed our product and design teams’ decision making as they make changes to the platform that will improve user experience in 2020. 

It’s safe to say we’ve hit the ground running in the first weeks of this New Year, with a series of updates to the platform that will simplify and improve the BridgeU platform for advisers and students alike. 

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What's changing in the BridgeU platform?

Put simply, we’re changing how advisers can view crucial information about a student’s university application progress in the BridgeU platform. BridgeU will be simpler and easier to use for advisers who are guiding students through the university admissions process. 

How can I find out about changes to the BridgeU platform?

If you’re a regular subscriber to our blog, you can find out more about the exciting changes we’re making to the BridgeU platform by checking back here at regular intervals.

If you’re an existing customer, then you can stay informed about our changes to the layout of the BridgeU platform in a number of ways.

  • Users logging in to the updated version of BridgeU will see be able to take a guided tour of the new platform, with a quick tutorial to quickly familiarise you with the new layout.
  • Advisers can also use the resources in our Help Centre to answer any queries they may have about the new BridgeU platform.

How will the new Student Overview benefit advisers?

Advisers told us that going into an individual student’s dashboard to view their progress took too long, especially when trying to quickly switch between multiple students. 

Feedback we received from advisers in 2019 has helped us to redesign the current student overview to ensure that all the vital information relevant to your students’  applications is more easily accessible. 

In the original ‘Students’ tab, it was possible to view the essential information about a student’s BridgeU profile - e.g their name, year of graduation, subject interests and academic grades.


But advisers also told us they wanted a simpler way to see all the essential information about a student’s BridgeU application, including their shortlisted universities, submitted applications and any recommendation letter requests

Advisers logging into BridgeU will now see a simpler Student Overview, with all of the relevant information concerning a student’s profile and application progress in one simple slide-out menu. 

With the new Student Overview, users can view student’s information far more quickly, and won't need to use “view as student” in most circumstances.

To switch students quickly, just click back on the main list, and open another student.

The new student advisers will also make it easier to see the status of student’s recommendation requests, enabling them to chase the relevant students and teachers responsible, ensuring that deadlines are met. 


How to use the new Student Overview

If you’re an adviser logging into your BridgeU, you will immediately notice the new design of the ‘Students’ tab in the main menu. As before, advisers can use filters to find the student they are looking for.

image of new BridgeU student overview page for advisers.

The difference is that now, when an adviser clicks on a student’s name, they will now see a summary screen, with a menu of options down the right hand side of the page. 

This new menu collates all the essential information about a student's BridgeU activity in one place. Let's briefly look at all of the menu items in more detail.


This is where advisers can write and/or review any notes that relate to an individual student, and any aspect of their university application. As before, advisers will also be able to share Notes with students, parents and other staff members.

image of BridgeU student notes.


If a student has been assigned, or is working towards, a personality or careers assessment in the BridgeU platform, then this menu item can be used to keep track of a student’s progress, ensuring that an adviser is aware when their student has completed the Assessment. 

image of the new BridgeU assessments overview

Profile Builder

The Profile Builder contains all the relevant information relating to a student’s university application preferences and academic performance. By clicking here, advisers can quickly get a summary of the student’s grades, their subject interests and their personal preferences for studying at university (e.g. class size, preferred campus location).  

image of new BridgeU profile builder in the new student overview


This gives advisers a full list of the student’s current applications, along with any relevant deadlines that they are working towards

Advisers can also get a list view of all the institutions and degree courses that a student has shortlisted. It also makes it much easier to quickly compare this with the students’ application list. 

image of student's application list in BridgeU


Finally, an adviser managing a student’s application can get an easy overview of any Letters of Recommendation that a student has requested, be it from the adviser in question, or other teachers & counselors at your school. 

image of new BridgeU student overview recommendations tab

Learn more about the new Student Overview 

If your school is currently using BridgeU and you’d like any more help or support with the new overview, please don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager, or get in touch using the online chat feature in the platform! 

If you’re not currently a BridgeU user, but would like to know more about how our platform can help you manage the university application process, then book a demo with us below. 

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