BridgeU Guides: How to create an applications list

We’re thrilled to announce a new feature that improves your students’ experiences of applying to university, while making things easier for you too.

Benefits for university advisors

See in real time when a student makes a definitive decision about where to apply. This is particularly useful as students’ university applications decisions are changing all the time. With the click of a button, university advisors can now be sure that they will remain in the loop about their students’ applications decisions, no matter how many times they change!

How it works

Once a student has decided to apply to a particular university, he or she can  select ‘Apply Here’ to add the university to their applications list. The university will then be added to student’s list, which is available for the advisor to view at any time.

Applications Summary at a Glance

The new feature also offers students and advisors a quick summary of how many courses and universities they are applying to. This is especially useful for students who are applying to universities in different countries, who often want to incorporate a diverse geography of universities into their roster of universities. Students applying to university in the U.S. will see a set of admissions requirements, which they then have the option to confirm or update.

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