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The BridgeU mission is simple. We want to empower schools to provide smarter, better university and careers guidance for their students. But for us, that doesn’t just mean trying to get students into their universities of choice – it’s about looking at the entire process of preparing for university, and thinking about all the ways BridgeU can help.

Since BridgeU was first launched in 2014, we’ve been continually advancing and adjusting the platform, responding to the requests of real users, and adding in improvements, upgrades, and brand new options as we go. There are thousands of students using BridgeU every day, and the information that they put into the platform is crucial to making it better – we use real-time results and data from users to inform ourselves, and to inform BridgeU’s future.

Reference letters, the science behind our unique matching algorithm, and enhanced navigation are just a few of the improvements we’ve made to BridgeU over the last year. Making university guidance easier has been a consistent theme in the progress of BridgeU, and we’ve now reached a point where we’re able to support thousands of applications each year to universities across the globe, from schools in ~40 countries.

So we’re proud to announce that we’ve been rolling out a feature that we know is going to make life easier for all BridgeU users: Document Sending.

How can my school use Document Sending?

Advisors can now send documents directly to universities through BridgeU. As before, for each student application, advisors see a list of documents that each university requires from applicants; but now, advisors can upload those documents, add any necessary extra information (such as cover sheets for Common App applications), and send a student’s application from BridgeU.

Managing student applications has always involved handling a huge amount of information. It used to be the case that administrators and students sent swathes of physical documents to universities – references, student scores, essays, personal statements, exam transcripts – often in duplicate or triplicate. Even as systems moved online, and universities began to accept digital applications, sending applications meant juggling different interfaces and having to track documents independently.

Introducing international applications to this combination of systems makes things even more complicated. Universities in different countries want different information from their potential students – and this is often broken down further into different documents required by particular subjects, different exam results depending on a student’s home country, and so on. It’s a potential minefield for advisors: a very finely balanced system that can often lead to important documents slipping through the net.

The BridgeU solution is to integrate all the different documents into a single application checklist that is incredibly easy to use. Advisors can see at a glance what schools a student is applying to and their progress through the required documents, then complete the application at the end of the cycle. So far, 4030 documents have been delivered through BridgeU to support 859 applications to 177 universities.

Managing university applications with Document Sending

Document Sending is now available to all schools for students applying to universities in the US and Canada, with more universities and countries coming soon. Advisors can see at a glance the individual requirements of each university that a student is applying to, as well as their specific deadlines. Outstanding documents will be logged in an advisor’s dashboard, meaning important application elements will no longer be missed or overlooked in the confusion of managing applications across groups of students making international applications.

If you’d like to know more about how BridgeU can help your school with smarter university and careers guidance, then request a demo today. If you already have BridgeU and would like to find out about adding Document Sending to your agreement, email our Customer Success Manager Oscar,


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