BridgeU Guides: How to upload documents

As of today, you can upload documents directly to the BridgeU platform. You can also attach them to an individual university application. To help you keep track of all your applications, we’ve created a function where, whenever a student says they want to apply to a university, a task is created to indicate whether or not the required documents have all been uploaded. This way we’ll make sure you never miss an important document!

How to use this feature

  1. One of your students selects “Apply here” on a university on their shortlist.

2. That university gets added to their Applications list. Click on their application.

Reminder: to get to their applications, go to their Shortlist and click “View all applications”, or access their applications from their dashboard.

3. Here you can see the documents which need to be uploaded for the student’s application. Attach a required document by clicking “Attach”.

4. To attach a document, you first need to upload it to BridgeU. To do that, click “Add a Document.”

5. This takes you to your Documents page. This is where you upload documents which can then be attached to applications. To upload a document click “Add a Document.”

6. Fill in the details of the document and click upload.

7. That’s the document uploaded; now you can see it on the Documents page. In this image you can see 4 documents that we’ve uploaded for this student.

8. We now navigate back to the student’s application to Harvard University page. You can get back by clicking the browser back button or by going to the student’s dashboard and then back through the university matcher and their applications list. 

9. Once back there, click attach on each document type and select the file you’d previously added.

10. We’ve created tasks to make sure that you don’t forget to upload all your documents. Every time there is a new application with required documents, we create a task. This task will show up on your dashboard and on your new Tasks page. Once you have uploaded all the required documents this task will disappear. 

11. Back on the student’s application to Harvard University page, we’ve now added all the required documents and the task has disappeared from the dashboard. The application documents are all ready to be sent!

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