Product Update: Introducing the New Countries in Our University Matcher

BridgeU students can now match with a wider range of university destinations, as we add Spain and Australia to the countries in our University Matching tool.

We’re pleased to announce that, as of May, students using BridgeU will be able to both research and match with a wider range of global university destinations.

Your students will be able to make more informed decisions  about universities and courses worldwide, thanks to a number of new features we’ve introduced.

Specifically, students applying through BridgeU will be able to:

  • Match with universities and courses in Australia and Spain for the first time.
  • Benefit from more in-depth information on universities in Latin America when conducting their university research. 

These new features mean that students will now receive matches for over 10,000 new university courses across Australia and Spain, as well as get valuable insights on university and campus life in three Latin American countries. 

Let’s take a quick tour of the new countries in the platform. 

New Destinations for University Matching


BridgeU will now offer students information and university matches for 70 Australian universities and over 6,000 courses.

When students first start to enter their university preferences in the Profile Builder they will see Australia now listed as one of the options.

When students are ready to view their Matches, they will now see a list of relevant Australian universities and courses, bucketed into Reach, Match & Safety options. University level descriptions. Students will also be able to read university descriptions and key stats for universities in this country.


Students will also be able to receive Match recommendations for universities in Spain. For the first time, students will be able to receive matches for over 70 Spanish universities and over 4,000 Spanish university courses.

Once again, students entering their university options into the Profile Builder will see Spain listed amongst the destination countries.

Upon completion of their profile, students will be shown university and course matches in Spain.

Note: Students who opt for Spain as a destination country will receive matches for English-taught courses.

Students who want to dig deeper into their Spanish options prior to applying can access in-depth information on each university.

More in-depth information on Latin American universities

Students can now access more in-depth information on universities in three countries – Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. If any of your students are interested in shortlisting universities or courses in these countries, BridgeU now gives them an overview of:

  • Essential information on a university’s reputation, history, course offerings and campus life.
  • The history, culture and lifestyle of the local area, allowing them to understand more about extra-curricular life at potential universities and colleges.

This means that your students can start their applications with a stronger grasp of how a university aligns with their personal preferences.

We’ll be bringing you more information and resources to help your students research and apply to these destinations in the coming months. Watch this space!

In the meantime, if you’d like more information on how BridgeU can support your school in submitting applications to any of the destinations above, book a consultation with a member of our Education Partnerships team.

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