New Year, New BridgeU Website

BridgeU starts 2020 with a new website. We take you on a quick tour of what's changed. 

picture of new BridgeU website in a Macbook

2019 was a busy year for BridgeU. We launched a whole range of new products and features, hosted our first two user conferences, integrated with the CommonApp and celebrated our 5th birthday!

We’re not taking our foot off the pedal in 2020 either! So, with the new decade only a week old, we’re really pleased to introduce our new-look BridgeU website. 

For regular visitors to our website, we’ve made it easier to access our library of resources on all things related to international higher education. It’s also easier to filter our blogs and case studies to find the university and careers guidance support that you and your students need. 

And to those of you who are new to BridgeU and are visiting our website for the first time - welcome, we’re really excited to hear from you! 

So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what’s new on the BridgeU website. 

Note: If you’re a regular user of the BridgeU platform, this article covers changes to our website only. Keep an eye on our Help Centre and/or future blog updates for info on changes to the platform. 

Quickly explore our new features and products

image of new BridgeU features

As we said at the beginning, BridgeU changed a lot in 2019. We wanted to give you an easy way to learn about our range of products and features, and how they can help your school. 

So whether you’re looking to help your students with their university research, or want to learn more about sending documents to international universities through BridgeU, you can now take a tour of our core features using the drop down menu on our homepage. 

Some of the newer additions to BridgeU in 2019 included: 

  • Our new University Connect feature allows you to make your calendar available to universities who are thinking of paying a visit to your school, allowing you to easily connect with university reps and recruiters from around the world. 
  • BridgeU Insights allows you to measure your students’ university application outcomes and report on your school’s performance. 

To learn more about these new features, take the tour! 

Access our library of resources in one place 

Whether you’re a teacher who’s new to the world of university guidance counseling, or just looking to encourage your students explore a wider range of international university destinations, our new Resources library puts all this information on one handy page

We’ve amassed a great collection of university application resources, counselor’s guides, country guides and classroom resources. 

If you haven’t already taken a look, what are you waiting for? 

Solutions to suit every school

image of the new 'Build Guidance Curriculum' page in the new BridgeU website

If you’re a newcomer to BridgeU, or are considering a demo of our platform, you might be wondering how our various features align with your school’s needs and capabilities. 

Our new Solutions page is designed to help you navigate the features within BridgeU relevant to both your school and the diverse needs of your staff and students. 

Whether you’re looking to learn more about how BridgeU can help your school’s senior leadership team report on overall school performance, or need helping establishing and structuring a careers guidance curriculum for your students, it’s worth exploring our Solutions page to see how BridgeU’s features can be adapted to meet the day-to-day challenges facing you and your school. 

Easily switch between website & platform

gif showing the Login function on the new BridgeU website

For visitors who want to quickly access the main BridgeU platform, we’ve made it easier to log in to your BridgeU account through the website. Simply click on the button in the top menu that says ‘Login’ to instantly access your account. 

And while we’ve changed a lot on the website, we’ve made sure to keep a few things exactly the same. If you’re an existing user of BridgeU, you can still contact us through the Help feature on our website, ensuring you’re instantly connected with one of our Customer Success team. 

If your school is not currently using BridgeU, but you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you with any aspect of your university and careers guidance, contact us to book a demo of the platform. 

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy exploring the website! 

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