Introducing BridgeU Discover: A New Content Feed for Your Students

We’re excited to announce the launch of BridgeU Discover, a new way for students to find relevant information to support their guidance journey.

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If you’re a BridgeU customer, or an avid reader of this blog, you’ll know that we’re strong believers that students need access to timely, relevant and objective information in order to make the best higher education decisions.

But, with a whole internet of resources out there, and a variety of contrasting views and opinions, it can be hard for students to filter through and find information that is:

  • Engaging and useful for their needs
  • Personalised and relevant to where they are in their journey
  • Trustworthy and from a reputable source

This is a problem that has only been exacerbated by COVID-19. With travel restrictions and other uncertainties hitting universities hard, many recruitment and admissions teams have (understandably) felt pressure to keep attracting international students. This has led to an increase in online marketing and events, and caused even more uncertainty for students who are making these all-important decisions!

The sheer volume of information available may cause confusion. Some students might set their sights on a single university and refuse to look any other way. Others might rely on their parents and/or friends to make the decision for them.

And, perhaps most commonly, students might become demotivated by the entire process and put off doing their university research until the last minute.

To help solve these problems, we are so excited to announce the launch of BridgeU Discover, our new feature that will allow your students to take control of their own guidance journey, and explore content that is useful, engaging and relevant to them.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you a bit more about Discover, how to use it, and the benefits it will bring for both you and your students.

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What is BridgeU Discover?

If your school currently uses BridgeU, your particularly perceptive students may have noticed that their homepage looks a little different!

Now, as well as listing their outstanding tasks, students will be presented with their brand new, personalised content feed.

BridgeU Discover Dashboard

The types of content your students receive will be based on a number of criteria, including:

  • Their year group and graduation year
  • The stage they are at in their BridgeU journey (shortlist, application, post-application)
  • Their destination and personal preferences
  • The universities they have been recommended or shortlisted on BridgeU

They can expect to see how-to-articles, country guides, university updates, and other useful articles to help them while they are researching universities, applying to their chosen institutions, and after they have received their offers and are preparing to make the transition to university. 

BridgeU Discover Article Closeup

How will Discover help students?

We’ve created BridgeU Discover for a number of reasons. We’ve been speaking to our counsellors and students and we want to tackle some of the main problems students face during the university research process.

Using the new feature, students will be able to:

Find content that is relevant to them

It’s a feeling all of us know all too well. Searching through endless results on Google and never finding anything that’s quite relevant to your question.

Because BridgeU Discover is based on each students’ individual profile, they will only receive content that is based on the criteria we mentioned above, and therefore, they will have a completely unique and tailored experience.

For example, a student who is interested in studying in the UK and has already shortlisted several universities will see a completely different dashboard versus a student who knows they want to study law but has yet to start researching their options.

Take control of the university research process

COVID-19 has caused a huge shift in the higher education space, with most schools having to replace in-person events such as university visits and open days with a digital-first strategy - a shift that's expected to stick.

As an education technology provider, we want to help schools adapt to this new way of doing things. Discover aims to engage students in a more modern way, reaching students on their own terms and based on their own interests - somewhat similar to a social media feed!

We hope that this will encourage students to independently lead their own research and to find information in a way that suits them.

Receive exclusive content from the universities they are interested in

As you may already know, we have been working hard to increase the number of university partners we work with, to provide better connections between university reps and counsellors and to give BridgeU students better access to information and unique opportunities.

By working with universities directly, we’re able to tailor content about these universities and the opportunities they offer to interested students. We do this by publishing:

  • Exclusive content, including articles, alumni stories, and videos
  • Invitations to virtual events or university showcases
  • Scholarship opportunities for BridgeU students
BridgeU Discover University Content

Get information from a trusted source

As we mentioned, there’s so much information out there that sometimes students might not know where to turn when it comes to researching universities.

For example, many students (and their parents!) rely on league tables when making their decisions. However, each league table relies on different statistics, and as counsellors will know all too well, they don’t always tell the full story.

On BridgeU Discover, all of the articles are written and curated by the BridgeU team of writers and global education experts and we make it our responsibility to ensure that the information presented is well-researched, up to date and impartial.

Never miss a new article

As part of the Discover experience, we want to make sure students can continue to access timely articles and information, even if they don’t log in to the BridgeU platform every day.

When a new piece of content is published, a notification will be sent by email, allowing students to catch up on anything they have missed. And what’s more, Discover is both desktop and mobile friendly, so students can click through seamlessly from their phones to read the content curated for them that week.

BridgeU Discover Mobile Image

How will Discover help advisors?

As counsellors will know, while some students might be very engaged in the university research and application process, some might need a little more convincing!

Sometimes there might be hidden reasons why students aren’t engaged or responsive. Perhaps they are lacking a crucial piece of information about financial aid or entry requirements. Maybe they have writer’s block and don’t know how to start that all-important application essay.

We’ve taken this into consideration when creating Discover. If you have students who aren’t as active on BridgeU as you’d like them to be, we hope the new homepage will provide a more enriching experience, and encourage them to keep exploring the platform on their own.

The content they receive can also help them complete the tasks you set for them, or to find further guidance if they are stuck - for example, creating a BridgeU shortlist or writing a first draft of a Personal Statement/Common App essay.

This means that when students seek advice from you, they will be in a better position to have more informed, structured conversations, saving you a lot of time and research.

And let’s not forget, it looks pretty impressive when you’re presenting your guidance programme to parents and prospective students, too!

The future of BridgeU Discover

As with all of our feature releases, we will be continuing to take your feedback to make improvements to Discover, and to make sure it is the best it can be for your students.

As your students begin to engage with Discover, we’re eager to hear from you about which types of content are most popular, and we will continue to write more of this content to give your students a rich and varied experience throughout the course of their guidance journey..

We are also exploring ways to make further developments to Discover, including adding the ability for students to save/like posts, exploring a way for BridgeU advisors to add their own posts to students’ Discover feeds, and leveraging Discover to broadcast and remind students of the details of upcoming school events and university visits.

Watch this space for further updates!

If you are not currently a BridgeU customer but you'd like to see how we can help your students get the right information to make the best higher education decisions, set up a free account for your school. Click here to get started!

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I think Discover could be a really helpful tool, especially if advisors are able to add their own posts. We currently publish a separate newsletter and it would be a huge time saver to have it all in one place.

Sky Riber
Friday 29th January 2021

    Thanks for your feedback! We’re planning to allow advisors to add their own messages on Discover in the future. I’ve noted down your message and our product team will reach out when they investigate this further.

    Friday 29th January 2021