Product Update: Indian Curricula & Indian University Application

BridgeU now supports Indian curricula and university applications, helping Indian students to apply to a wider range of national and international destinations.

In 2019, BridgeU is continuing to expand students’ ability to research and shortlist international destinations, especially in countries where investment in higher education is growing and access to higher education institutions is widening.

It’s why we’re pleased to announce that students at BridgeU partner schools will now be able to research over 11,000 Indian universities and colleges and add these institutions to their Shortlist.

Using our new Indian university portal within the platform, your students will be able to research and gather information on Indian university/college courses, admissions criteria, fees, scholarships and relevant work placements.

But we haven’t stopped there.

BridgeU will also allow students of two major Indian national curricula to enter their grades into the Profile Builder, allowing them to be matched with universities all over the world. Specifically, the two qualifications are:

  • The Indian School Certificate (ISC)
  • The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Read on for a more in-depth overview of how your school can use these exciting new features. 

Researching and shortlisting Indian Universities

Using our new Indian university portal within the platform, your students will be able to research and gather information on Indian university/college courses, admissions criteria, fees, scholarships and relevant work placements.

Step 1: Students choose India as a destination

For schools that have access to India as a destination, students will be able to add this country as an option in their Profile Builder.

Step 2: Accessing the Indian University Portal

Students who have added India as a potential destination will now be able to access our Indian University Portal through their University Matches page. You’ll see below that the Portal sits at the top of the student’s University Matches page. Your students need only click the ‘Go To Portal’ Button to start their Indian university research!

Step 3: Research Indian universities and courses

Students will be redirected to our new Indian University Portal homepage. Here, they can access a whole range of Indian universities, colleges and higher education institutions.

From this page, students can access information on any of the following.

  • Top colleges and universities in India
  • Information on Indian university courses
  • Exam requirements for Indian universities & colleges
  • Information on scholarships & financial aid.
  • Admissions and eligibility criteria.

For example, clicking on ‘Explore Top Colleges’ on the main menu, will take students to a list of Indian colleges, from where they can further filter and refine their search based on personal preferences such as course, location and tuition fee amount.

Students can also search for courses by subject grouping, such as Engineering, Science, Education and Management-based courses.

Step 4: Shortlisting Indian university destinations in BridgeU

Once they have finished their Indian university research, students can return to the main BridgeU platform and shortlist any Indian universities or colleges that match their personal preferences. They can also make any notes on their Indian university research in the Notes section of each university. 

Note: Students can’t currently receive University Matches from Indian destinations.

Once your students have shortlisted their Indian university destinations, they can submit their applications through BridgeU as normal.

Indian Curriculum Support

Both the ISC and the CBSE qualifications will now be available as options when students enter their academic grades in the ‘Education’ section of the Profile Builder. 

For students who are working towards either of these Indian curriculum qualifications, entering their academic grades into the Profile Builder is a simple, two-step process. Clicking on ‘Education’ in their Profile Builder menu will take them to the next screen.

Step 1: Students select their relevant qualification

Clicking on ‘Education’ will take students to a menu where they will be prompted to add their academic grades and will be shown a list of national and international curricula to choose from. As you can see from the image below, both Indian curricula are now included in the student’s list of options. 

Step 2: Students can enter their target grades

Let’s use the Indian School Certificate as an example. When a student clicks on this qualification, they will proceed to the next screen, where they can begin entering their ISC target grades.

When students have entered their academic grades, they can continue to complete their BridgeU profile, before proceeding to view their university matches. Students working towards either one of these Indian curricula will be matched with universities based on their best five subjects.

Note: Students working towards Indian curricula won’t currently be able to see their chance of acceptance score for their university matches in BridgeU.

If you’d like to know more about how BridgeU is supporting both Indian curricula and Indian university applications, book a consultation with one of our Education Partnerships team.

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