Product Update: Adding Your Student’s Grades & Test Scores in BridgeU

How BridgeU will enable advisors & counselors to add & amend students’ grades & test scores throughout the university application process.

Earlier in the year, we reached out to counselors, asking them to select from a few features for us to build next. 

Based on your feedback, we’ve been hard at work on a number of new exciting features. As well as our brand new Document Sending experience, we’ve also been building the first version of another feature you requested: giving you the ability to add students’ grades & test scores into BridgeU. 

While BridgeU already provides the ability for students to enter target grades in Profile Builder, and we can also manually import your historical data, the new Grades and Scores functionality allows advisors to add current information on grades & test scores to the platform.

This new feature will deliver a number of new benefits for our BridgeU advisors, including:

  • Making it easier to keep information on grades & test scores in one place. 
  • Allowing counselors to compare grades & scores to students’ target grades. 
  • Facilitating discussions around academic progress & university application goals in 1:1 sessions with students.
  • Making it simpler to fill out students’ academic transcripts. 

Make application season easier

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How to add grades & test scores in BridgeU

You can add Grades and Scores info in two ways.


From the Student list, clicking on a student’s name to bring up their overview now shows two new tabs in the menu: Grades and Scores.  On each tab, you can manually add in records one by one on behalf of your students.

To make sure this info is accurate, we’re currently only allowing advisors to update this information, but students can continue to adjust their target grades in profile builder to find the right university recommendations for them.

Automatic bulk import

For SAT scores, you can now upload all your students’ data at once. From the school settings menu, you’ll see a new option called “SAT Scores Bulk Upload.” From your College Board account, you can download your school’s SAT results and import it into BridgeU - we’ve written a handy guide in our Help Centre.

Once you’ve uploaded the College Board file, it will automatically match any students with the same email address on BridgeU and College Board, and you can manually match any others.

What school qualifications & tests do you support?

Based on our survey of counselors, we’re currently supporting the following 3 qualifications and standardised tests in BridgeU: SAT, TOEFL, and IB Predictions.

For SAT we also automatically calculate the SAT Superscore for your students.

We’re keen to know which other grades and scores you’d like us to support in BridgeU, so do let us know your thoughts in our 2-minute survey

What’s next for our new Grades & Scores feature?

Based on the survey responses we’ve received from you, we’re looking to add more grade and test scores for additional international qualifications, so stay tuned for further updates! 

If your school isn’t currently using BridgeU, but you’d like to learn more about our new grades and scores feature, book your free demo of the platform below. 

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Can students view grades/ IB Predicted Scores once they are input in here? Is there a way to hide IB predicted just for advisors to view as our school policy does not permit students to see IB Predicted right away.
Is there a way to generate a transcript from this? Thanks!

Terran Young
Tuesday 8th September 2020

    Hi Terran, the grades you enter are not visible to students, only advisors. Currently you cannot generate a transcript from these grades, but our Product team is looking into including this in a future update.

    Una Farr
    Thursday 10th September 2020