How your students can shortlist any university in the world with BridgeU

Introducing Global Shortlisting - students can choose from over 25,000 universities around the world

  • Students are increasingly applying to a wider range of countries for university, seeking new experiences and improved career prospects
  • Schools need to meet student and parent expectations to provide information on international choices
  • Global Shortlisting enables the shortlisting of over 25,000 English-speaking and non-English speaking universities from around the world
  • Students can specify the course or programme to which they want to apply
  • Advisors will be able to gain full and comprehensive visibility of all the places their students are applying

Why we built Global Shortlisting

Since BridgeU first began working with schools, we’ve recognised a pattern: students applying to an increasingly wide number of countries for their post-secondary education. And perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising, as awareness is also increasing of the benefits of international study. 95% of students who studied abroad have said it had a lasting impact on their world view; the OECD projects that by 2025, there will be 8 million international students at universities across the world.

With this growth has come greater expectations that schools will encourage their students to look at options beyond their immediate borders, and that teachers will be able to support and guide students who are planning international applications. These expectations come from students, but also strongly from parents, who want to be certain that their children are receiving well-informed advice about the full range of global post-secondary options available.

Adding more destination countries to BridgeU has shown us that students will display interest in international education when the opportunity is in front of them; not only is it an exciting and different path for the next stage in their life, but the employment market that awaits them when they graduate will reward international experience. For example: 

  • Former Erasmus students are half as likely to experience unemployment when compared to their peers who stay at home.
  • 64% of employers value international experience when recruiting.

Global Shortlisting: how your students can apply to a wider range of international destinations

Making the management of international university applications easier and smarter for schools and students is one of BridgeU’s central motivations. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Global Shortlisting to BridgeU. This is the next step in making our platform even more international, adding 23,483 English-speaking and non-English-speaking universities from all around the world to BridgeU.

Combined with the 2,382 universities that were already on the BridgeU platform from supported countries, students will be able to shortlist almost any university in the world – from Paris-Sorbonne University in France, to Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil.

Once a student adds the university to their shortlist, they can manually specify the course or programme to which they want to apply.

How to use Global Shortlisting

With Global Shortlisting, students can add courses and universities from all over the globe to their application lists. They can collate their research about these universities and courses on BridgeU using our Scrapbook feature, and write essays or personal statements relevant to their applications using our Essay tool.

Advisors will be able to gain full and comprehensive visibility of where all their students are applying, supporting each and every student’s unique guidance needs on BridgeU. In the coming months, we are working on adding content to these global universities and courses to further round out the applications picture for students and advisors.

In a world where talent and potential are equally distributed, we believe that every student should be able to access the right post-secondary opportunities for them, regardless of location. Global Shortlisting, along with the other processes that BridgeU supports and manages, empower advisors and teachers to focus on the work that matters most – preparing the students of today for the world of tomorrow.

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