7 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions by Naviance Customers

Since Naviance announced in early 2018 that they would withdraw from markets outside the United States and Canada, the counselling world has been in a frenzy, wondering how they’ll switch over their data and counselling processes to a new guidance platform.

Since the beginning of 2018, BridgeU has successfully migrated hundreds of Naviance customers onto BridgeU, and we’ve become familiar with the key questions and concerns these schools have.

To help answer those questions on a wider scale, we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions by Naviance customers.

#1 Can we keep our historical data from Naviance upon switching to BridgeU?

Yes, you can. To begin, log into Naviance and then click on ‘set up’ via the cog in the top right-hand side of the menu. Then click on ‘Data Export’ which is in the left-hand-side menu.

This will take you to a set of drop-down menus. In ‘Grade/ Class range’ select all class years in the first drop-down and then current or last class in the second drop-down.

Then simply click on ‘Export Data’ to export your files one by one.

If you store other data elsewhere, such as UCAS reports or IB data, we’ll also help you pull it all together and import it into BridgeU. 

Alternatively, please reach out to your customer success manager. They can help you migrate your data to BridgeU for you. Email customer success.

#2 What do you have for careers guidance?

BridgeU’s careers tools can help students identify relevant subjects, skills and courses for specific professions, job families and industries. Students can browse by broad groups or search for specific jobs. Our careers tools provides information on subject families, required skill-sets for a prospective job, and global labour demands. 

To provide this, we’ve partnered with Burning Glass Technologies, a leading aggregator of global labour market data, to power our careers tool. This enables students to explore jobs and understand labour market demand, salary and related qualifications to help inspire students to understand early career pathways.

You can then start writing your note. This is also the point at which the author of the note can choose whether to make the contents of the note public or private. Making a note private means it is only visible to the original author – no one else can see/access a private note.

#3 Does BridgeU support a multi-year group guidance process?

Yes! Schools can start their students using BridgeU in grade 9 for the US system/year 10 for the UK system. We have purpose-built lesson plans and resources to support these younger year groups, including tools within the BridgeU student site. These tools support:

#4 When are you going to integrate with Common App?

As of September this year, The Common Application revealed that they’d be launching a new integration platform, and we will be one of their first partners. Work on the integration has already begun, and we are expecting to launch for the 2019-2020 application season.

This will allow for easy data transfer between the two platforms, support counselors in sending supporting documents directly through BridgeU to Common App institutions, and receive updates on their students’ progress within the Common App.

We are also partnered with Parchment, and you can use our version of ‘eDocs’ to send documents directly from BridgeU to Common App and non-Common-App institutions in the US and Canada. Learn more about this in FAQ 7.

#5 Which countries do you support?

Besides matching students to universities in UK, US, Canada, Netherlands and Hong Kong, students can shortlist any global university using BridgeU’s Global Short-listing feature.

Students can easily navigate to the correct university website within BridgeU and collate their research using our scrapbooking tool.

#6 Do you have data on scholarships?

While we don’t display information about scholarship opportunities and eligibility, we will enable schools to log scholarships, both applied for and awarded. This enables schools to view their own historical data, which helps to inform future decisions. 

#7 Do you have an eDocs equivalent?

Yes, you can send documents electronically directly from BridgeU, to both CommonApp and non-CommonApp colleges in the US and Canada.

We integrate with our partners, Parchment, who built Naviance’s eDocs. BridgeU has been sending documents from schools all over the world for multiple successful application cycles.

You’ve just read about the 7 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions by Naviance Customers.

Now it’s your turn.

If you have a specific question you’d like answered, Please let us know here.

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