QUIZ: What's your counselling style?

Providing university and careers counselling is a multi-faceted and dynamic role. That means there are lots of different approaches you can take... Find out which style most closely matches your strategy in our interactive quiz!

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When would you ideally begin career and university guidance with students?

counselling style quiz begin guidance question

When planning your strategy for each cohort, which factor most informs your plans?

counselling style quiz making plans question

What do you think is the most important step in university and careers counselling?

counselling quiz organisation

What's the first question you ask incoming students?

counselling style quiz first question you ask

How do you keep students on track and engaged throughout the guidance process?

How do you measure your impact and determine your success?

counselling style quiz achieve goal success

Which of these BridgeU features most appeals to you?

Which type of counsellor are you?
The data lover

Wow! You really know what you're doing when it comes to data, and you know just how valuable it can be. At the drop of a hat, you know trends in student interests, applications and acceptances, and you're always ready to prove just how valuable the work you're doing is. You probably also have loads of nifty tools to help you, like the free BridgeU platform. However you're collecting it, mastering data is amazing skill to have - we salute you!
The goal-setter

counselling style quiz goal setter

You're a truly inspiring guidance counsellor - your students should count themselves lucky! You know that the biggest motivation for students is setting goals in the short, medium and long term, and you always use their ambitions to keep them on track. We're sure you have plenty of goals for yourself, too, in terms of student outcomes - and that you're always on the look-out for the best tools to hit them, like the free BridgeU platform.
The career oracle

counselling style quiz career oracle

You have a real knack for matching students up with their perfect careers, and kicking off really rewarding professional trajectories. You're always helping students develop their employability, and reminding them of their long-term professional goals to keep them motivated and engaged. We just know you've set countless students on the paths to bright and prosperous futures, and you probably have plenty of tools in your belt to help - like the free BridgeU platform!
The organisational guru

counselling style quiz organisational guru

The secret star player of any team, you're always keeping everybody on track and on time. You know what deadlines are coming up, what documents are outstanding for each student, which teachers need to write references and recommendations... Above all, you're a person with a plan! You probably like to start the guidance process as early as possible, and use organisational tools to track student interests and plan accordingly, and then make sure they're following the application journey in a timely manner. There's no doubt you're already a keen BridgeU user - the free platform was made for you!
The extracurricular champion

counselling style quiz extracurricular champion

This is a brilliant counselling style, and it shapes students' lives and futures far beyond the time you actually spend with them! You understand how valuable extracurricular pursuits are, and you're gifted at conveying this value to students and getting them excited about exploring their abilities and pursuing their passions. You know that trying different things can be the spark that ignites a lifelong career, and you're also aware of how extracurriculars can boost university applications. Crucially, you understand that it's not just doing the activity that matters, but for students to be able to express how it's benefiting them. That's probably one of the reasons why you're such a fan of the free BridgeU platform!

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BridgeU can boost your strategy, whatever your style

As you've seen, the free BridgeU platform really has something for everyone! To get students more excited and engaged than ever - and see application and enrollment rates soar at your school - get started with your free account today. 

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