Product Update: Introducing BridgeU’s Integration With Common App

As the 2019-20 application season begins, BridgeU launches a new integration with Common App, further simplifying the document sending process for our schools.

BridgeU’s mission to open up university and careers guidance to more international students has seen us forge partnerships with other online platforms and application portals, further simplifying the university application process for international schools. 

As one of the biggest and most popular university application portals in the world, representing higher education institutions from over 20 countries and enabling students from more than 200 countries to apply to university, the Common App is an important and valued BridgeU partner.

Our Document Sending feature already allows BridgeU schools to manage and submit application documents to Common App members. 

But last year, we were pleased to be announced as a Common App integration partner. 

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The new BridgeU-Common App integration will come into effect from the start of the 2019-20 application cycle. As schools all over the world gear up for the next round of university applications, counselors and teachers will be able to use BridgeU to submit vital application documents, such as high school transcripts and letters of recommendation, to Common App. 

This integration ensures that students can more easily organise their Common App applications from within the BridgeU platform. Likewise, counselors and teachers will be able to more easily fill out the relevant forms and recommendation letters that are sent in support of a student’s Common App application. 

Specifically, BridgeU will offer the following benefits to schools submitting university applications through the Common App: 

  • It will allow counselors and teachers to submit documents in support of their students’ applications without the need for a Common App account. 
  • It will enable students to pair their BridgeU & Common App accounts, and instantly sync their Common App universities with their BridgeU profile.. 
  • It will ensure that students, counselors and teachers are fully aware of the key Common App deadlines, and the relevant Common App documents that need to be sent through BridgeU. 
  • It will give counselors, teachers and students an easy overview of the delivery status of Common App documents sent through BridgeU. 

Read on to learn more about how this integration will help your school to streamline applying to universities and colleges through the Common App. 

How the Common App integration will help students

Previously, students would have to build two separate university application lists through their BridgeU and Common App accounts respectively.  

Our integration removes the unnecessary step of students having to build a list of colleges in Common App, and then re-enter this information in their BridgeU profile. Instead, the integration will allow students to pair their BridgeU and Common App accounts. 

If a student adds a university to their application list in the Common App, this will be immediately synchronised with their BridgeU application list. 

Essential information about a student’s Common App application will be imported into their University applications page within the BridgeU platform; for example whether students are applying through Early Decision or Regular Decision to a college in the United States. 

In addition, the Common App will prompt students to request any relevant teacher or counselor recommendations via BridgeU. 

Finally, students will be able to see the delivery status of any CommonApp documents sent through BridgeU. 

In addition to our new integration. BridgeU has a range of writing tools and resources to help students write their Common App essays. Click here to learn more.

How the Common App integration will help counselors 

With our new integration, Counselors will not need to create separate BridgeU and Common App accounts. 

The integration will allow counselors to fill out and submit any relevant supporting documents (e.g. letters of recommendation, high school transcripts, school profiles, forms) to all Common App institutions through the BridgeU Document Sending tool. 

The integration will also give counselors improved oversight of the university application process within their school. They will be able to see all the relevant dates and deadlines for Common App applications within their school. 

They will also be able to view the delivery status of Common App documents that have been sent through the BridgeU platform.  

How the Common App integration will help teachers

Again, teachers will no longer need to create a separate Common App Recommender account, with our new integration allowing them to sync Common App with BridgeU 

Teachers will be able to fill out and send evaluation forms and letters of recommendation for their students through BridgeU.  Like counselors, the Common App integration will allow teachers to keep track of the status of any documents they have sent. 

In addition, when students create a recommendation letter request, BridgeU will send the relevant teacher an email notification. 

Students using our platform can already sync their BridgeU and Common App university lists. Meanwhile teachers and counselors will be able to manage Common App document sending with our new integration from the middle of August. 

If you’re an existing BridgeU school, contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about how the Common App integration will work for your students and your staff. 

If you’re not currently a BridgeU user, but would like to know more the integration and how BridgeU can help you with your university & careers guidance, book a call with us today. 

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