Check Out BridgeU’s New Events Page to Spark Up Your Guidance Calendar

All of our popular events are now in one place for you and your students to peruse, plan and rewatch whenever you like!

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Here at BridgeU, we appreciate how important interactivity and a healthy mix of formats are for engagement, deep learning and development - for you and your students!

That’s why we’ve always prided ourselves on hosting varied and dynamic events throughout the year.

For students, they offer an inside look at their future degrees and the chance to ask questions directly to current undergraduates and university reps.

And for you, they're a great way to find new ways of varying your guidance curriculum, keeping your students engaged and excited, and providing personalised advice for each of them.

And now, we’re making it easier than ever for you to browse all our brilliant upcoming events with our brand new Events page. Read on to see how it can add structure and spice to your strategy all year round!

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Plan a varied calendar in advance

A great feature of our Events page is that it brings together all of our upcoming events. Of course, you can filter these events however you need, whether to see only events for counsellors, or just those for students.

That means it's really easy to look over what’s coming up and pop everything you like the look of into your calendar!

For a start, why not check out our offering of upcoming counsellor webinars?

Designed to support you as your plan and deliver your guidance curriculum, you'll get to meet with admissions officers and hear from seasoned counsellors for the latest advice and insights.

They're also a great chance to nurture your connection to the supportive community of fellow counsellors around the world.

Navigating BridgeU's Events Page is Easy

Find events to shape students’ futures

What better way to share the fun with your students than to give them their own taste of an international community?

So make sure you browse their offerings too! By planning around student events, you’ll be able to organise supporting sessions before and after and really consolidate their knowledge.

With our handy filters, you can spot at a glance the ones most relevant for particular cohorts or even specific students, and simply send them the registration link. Your students’ application calendars will instantly be invigorated with variety and interaction, keeping them engaged and excited throughout the journey!

Plus, you could point them to events that uncover their perfect subject, country or even programme - and others that can help them create the strongest possible applications.

Student events cover everything from destination research to securing funding, UCAS personal statements to the best university societies to join. Your students will be supported along every step of research and application.

Our most popular formats include:

  • ‘All About’ events, in which students this season are taking a deep dive into particular subjects, with insider knowledge from university faculty
  • ‘Ask a Student’ events, which grant students the invaluable opportunity to ask current undergraduates all their burning questions

We also have events lined up to help your students through the final stages of their application journeys. For example, there’s the imminent International Offer-Holders' Fair happening this month.

Students will get to meet with the universities that have offered them a place so that they can meaningfully weigh up their options before making a final decision on which university they’ll go to.

There are two sessions happening on 31st March:

Make sure you get them registered today!

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Register in seconds

While you’re looking over the events offering, you’ll be able to easily save your spot at anything that takes your fancy.

Simply click on the event in question, and you’ll be taken to a straightforward registration form. Once it’s filled in, you’re done! You’ll receive a handy reminder to make sure you don’t miss the webinar, and post-event follow-up in which we’ll share all the resources that were mentioned as well as the webinar recording and slides.

And registration is just as simple for students, so there’s no excuse for them missing anything you send their way!

Catch up on (or relive!) past events

Did your busy schedule keep you from attending an event you wanted to catch?

Don't worry - you can find all of our event recordings at the click of a button by filtering the results to view recorded events.

It’s a great way to discover something new or get a taste of the kinds of events we host.

Or maybe there’s an invaluable event you attended that you’d like to watch back!

If you like, you can further refine your list to view either student or counsellor events, again allowing you to delve deeper into any areas of counselling you’d like to learn more about, or uncover gems to energise your students’ research.

Get in on the action by joining a panel

If you like the look of our upcoming events, or if the nuggets of wisdom that counsellors shared in past events have got you thinking about all your own knowledge, you can also register to contribute to future events right from the Events page!

Just fill in the form to give us an idea of your areas of expertise. You’ll be enlightening your fellow counsellors in no time, and strengthen your bonds with a supportive and insightful community of fellow counsellors.

Contribute to an Event - Events Landing Page - BridgeU

Get insider access to our events and much more

Use these events as the springboard for students’ exploration, a sounding board for your ideas, inspiration for planning your curriculum, the place where students go to get answers to questions that have cropped up… The possibilities are endless!

And if you and your students are finding our events useful, make sure you get set up with your free account as soon as you can.

That way, not only will students get access to exclusive events, they’ll also get a wealth of other original content only available to BridgeU students from within the platform.

Plus, you’ll be able to organise more than their events calendar with tools for task management, document sending, deadline tracking and a whole lot more! Just click here to get started.

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