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Discover how BridgeU helped Benenden sixth formers to discover a wider range of global university destinations & made it easier for careers advisers to oversee students' progress.

The benefits of using BridgeU: at a glance

  • Using BridgeU has given students a better picture of global university destinations based on their course preferences and career goals.


  • Students responded positively to BridgeU’s ease of use and intuitive interface.
  • BridgeU makes it easier to track students’ progress with university applications and help those falling behind. 


  • One-to-one meetings and careers consultations have become more focused and strategic as a result of using BridgeU. 
Marcus Allen
Head Of Careers & Professional Guidance

”The main thing we like about BridgeU is it offers them options that they might not have thought about, based on their preferences”

Choosing BridgeU  

Prior to introducing BridgeU, Benenden’s university and careers guidance programme was purely manual, with the school issuing its own printed guide to students on finding universities.

90% of students chose to study in the UK, with Dr Marcus Allen, Head of Careers and Professional Guidance, commenting that a lot of students were applying to the same destinations year upon year.

Students at Benenden were often making university choices based on where friends, family members, or older students had decided to study.

In choosing BridgeU, Marcus Allen told us that he wanted:

  • A university and careers guidance platform which students could use easily and independently.
  • A means of opening up students to a wider range of choices, with tailored university options based on students’ personal preferences.
  • The ability to track students’ progress, as well as their overall engagement with Benenden’s career department. 
Marcus Allen

”Higher education has become increasingly more global. And the girls can see global opportunities via BridgeU quite easily”

Students can access a wider range of university destinations

With higher education becoming more global with every passing year, students at Benenden have become more aware of the international university destinations on offer thanks to BridgeU.

For students who do choose to study at a university overseas, Dr Allen has noted that BridgeU has helped to manage the scope and varying demands of these different types of applications.

Students have responded positively to BridgeU’s ease of use and intuitive interface, specifically in relation to the Profile Builder and University Matching tool. Students have enjoyed exploring the different course and university options BridgeU offers them.

If they are presented with options that don’t interest them, Dr Allen notes that students enjoy the flexibility of discarding these options, knowing that BridgeU will present them with other suitable ones.

Overall, BridgeU has helped to give students a better picture of a wider range of global university destinations based on their course preferences and career goals, rather than relying on word-of-mouth or anecdotal evidence.

Marcus Allen

”If students book an appointment to come in to talk, we have more knowledge beforehand, so we don’t waste a lot of time. We can already see what they’re interested in.”

Careers advisers can easily track students’ progress

 Benenden’s careers department starts working with students from Year 7 onwards, with careers guidance continuing through all subsequent years of the school. Students at Benenden begin to receive university guidance and interview preparation training from Year 11.

Dr Allen explains how BridgeU has made it easier for the careers department to track students’ progress through the school’s multi-year guidance programme and prepare them for life after secondary school. BridgeU enables the careers department to be more proactive in helping students who may be struggling with any aspect of the university and careers guidance process, or who may not be engaging with the careers department. 

For example, if students aren’t engaging fully with careers and university planning, BridgeU makes it easier for the careers department to chase up students and make sure they’re hitting the relevant deadlines.

Likewise, BridgeU gives the careers advisors at Benenden better working knowledge of students’ university and career aspirations, meaning that one-to-one meetings and careers consultations are more focused and strategic.

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