BridgeU and ManageBac launch partnership integration

In May 2017, BridgeU announced a partnership with ManageBac. Today, we're sharing details of how that partnership will work.

In May 2017, BridgeU announced a partnership with ManageBac, which serves four in five International Baccalaureate Diploma students worldwide. The partnership enhances access to university and careers guidance for IB students, allowing them to explore and manage their post-secondary school careers. For teachers, the partnership is designed to provide a superior multi-platform experience. The partnership now enables schools to enjoy the following:

Signing up and onboarding

An integrated experience for partner schools: ManageBac schools who sign up to use BridgeU will have their new accounts set up automatically; relevant student and teacher details will be imported into BridgeU, streamlining onboarding and making it easy for partner schools to extract value from launch.

A multi-platform experience

BridgeU and ManageBac partner schools will be able to use both systems in harmony, without needing to duplicate entries or maintain separate workflows. Students and advisors can take advantage of the Single Sign On provision, allowing them to log into BridgeU with their ManageBac accounts.

Coming soon…

Making the most of CAS

ManageBac schools will be able to push IB academic and grade data to BridgeU, and the BridgeU CV builder will contain ManageBac student entries for CAS Experiences, Goals & Reflections, making it simpler to build compelling student applications.

Supporting student recommendations and applications

With subject teachers imported into BridgeU’s reference tool, advisors can assign recommendation writers with ease; teachers will be able to push transcripts and reports into BridgeU, where they can compile application packages to submit directly to universities.

Annual IB Destinations Survey

Partner schools of ManageBac and BridgeU will enjoy access to our Annual IB Destinations Survey, based on data from both platforms. The resulting report will share analysis and insight into higher education placement, trends and performance of IB and international students globally.

Get in touch today if you’d like to find out more about how BridgeU and ManageBac are working together to improve university and careers guidance.

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