How to Help Your Students Start Their Career Planning With BridgeU Assessments

This new feature will allow students to upload the results of multiple career & personality tests and share them with their guidance counselor as part of a wider conversation about career goals.

In 2019, we’ve been working on a number of exciting new innovations to set students on their journey to finding the right career path. 

As part of this, we’re introducing our new Assessments feature.

This will give counselors and advisers the ability to assign students relevant personality and career assessments (for example, Myers Briggs or the 16 Personalities test) designed to help students to learn more about their core strengths, how they like to learn and how to develop critical interpersonal skills. This, in turn, will give them better self-awareness as they begin their journey to finding the right career for them. 

Once students have taken their assigned test, they can easily upload the results to BridgeU for the counselor to see. Counselors can use these results to better understand their students and facilitate meaningful conversations about a student’s career options.  

Step 1: Counselors creating & assigning Assessments in BridgeU

Counselors and advisors using BridgeU can easily access the new Assessments feature from their main dashboard. When they open the new Assessments dashboard, they will see a button inviting them to create a new Assessment.

Example: The 16 Personalities Test

Let’s say a counselor wants all of the Year 10/Grade 9 students in their school to take the 16 Personalities test, a popular assessment test worldwide.

Clicking on ‘Create Assessment’ opens up a new window, where the counselor will be prompted to write:

  • The name of the Assessment 
  • The website/URL where the test can be taken 
  • The number of students required to take the test. 
  • The due date by which the test must be taken.

Having created the Assessment task, a counselor will be able to visualise the students who have been assigned to take the 16 Personalities test and easily track their progress. 

Step 2: Students taking Assessments & uploading them to BridgeU

Now that we’ve seen how a counselor can create Assignments in BridgeU, let’s explore how a student can use Assessments. 

A student logging into BridgeU will see a notification on their main dashboard, telling them they have been assigned a new Assessment task. 

Students will also see a new Assessments menu item on their dashboard when they login to BridgeU. Clicking on it will take them to their own Assessments dashboard. 

Here they will be able to see the 16 Personalities Assessment that the counselor/adviser assigned to them.

Students will need to click on the 16 Personalities URL, which will take them directly to the website where they can take the test. 

Once students have taken the relevant test, they can then return to BridgeU and upload a PDF of their test results directly into the platform. 

Step 3: Counselors can review a student’s assessment

Once the student has completed their assessment, a counselor or adviser will be able to review the results in BridgeU. They can simply return to the Assessments section of the platform, and review their list of students again. 

You’ll see that the student who has completed their Assessment task will now have a green tick next to their name.

By clicking on this student, a counselor or adviser will be able to review that student’s progress. 

This will then open up a new pop-up, enabling the counselor/adviser to see all of a students’ assessments. 

You’ll see that the ‘Assessments’ tab sits alongside the existing Student and Notes features – ensuring that counselors can keep track of a student’s progress in one place. 

Here, counselors and advisors can easily view and download any Assessment that the student has uploaded to the platform.

This will enable counselor to get all the information they need about their student’s test results, in advance of a further discussion about the student’s strengths, skills and ultimate career interests. 

If you’re a current BridgeU counselor and you’d like to learn more about how the new Assessment feature can help your students, contact your Customer Success Manager. 

If you’re not currently a BridgeU customer, but would like to learn more about how BridgeU can help you kickstart careers guidance with your students, book a call with us today. 

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