Five tips for your tech-savvy international students

We at BridgeU especially love tips that help you use technology to your benefit. Share these with your students and they will be armed with the best tools to tackle any challenges that may come their way. 

1)    Transfer money with TransferWise

TransferWise is a company that allows you to transfer money abroad. It’s faster and simpler than existing ways of transferring money. Also—most importantly—it’s cheaper! TransferWise drastically reduces the hidden fees that banks charge. For students who go abroad to study, transferring money cheaply is a must. 

2) Call home cheaply (or for free) with Skype or Viber!

Alright, this may be old news, but many international students find they make use of Skype or Viber more than they might anticipate. It’s nice to call home once in a while, and these fantastic services ensure that you won’t break the bank. You can get both Skype or Viber as apps. And, of course, if you add Skype credit to your phone, you can call somebody’s landline or mobile using credit.

3) Get an awesome presentation software service like Prezi.

There are many options for presentation software out there, but this is something that students should definitely think about having as they head into their first year of university. Products like Prezi help you put together a beautiful, well-designed presentation so that you can present effectively to classmates, professors, and anyone else who might be interested in what you have to say. 

4) Brush up on your skills with online learning tools like Khan Academy and iTunes U  

University is the time for learning, and learning can occur in a variety of ways. If you’re worried your students are struggling with Calculus, or can’t remember who dies in Romeo and Juliet—or even are just curious about what literature courses are like at Stanford—why not advise them to take a class at iTunes U or Khan Academy? They will learn more (isn’t that the point of university, anyway?) and feel more confident and prepared in the classroom. Self-directed learning also allows students to move at their own pace.

5) Download an app like to help you with your English vocabulary!

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to vocabulary, even for native English speakers. However, particularly for international students, we recommend an app like to stay on top of those crazy English idioms.  You can download on your phone, which lets you track your achievements and score points as you work towards a more expansive vocabulary.


At BridgeU, it goes without saying that we love all things tech. You can try our very own technology by arranging a demo today. 

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Great advice, thanks! I would also add “Zoom” as an alternative way to conduct video conferencing.

Tuesday 6th October 2020